About Nirvana Center


(in Buddhism) a transcendent state in which there is neither suffering, desire, nor sense of self, and the subject is released from the effects of karma and the cycle of death and rebirth. It represents the final goal of Buddhism.

Our Mission

Our mission at The Nirvana Center is to offer our patients the best possible quality, and largest selection, of products at a competitive price. We strive to use the most modern and innovative forms of cultivation and product development because we want your experience with us to become the center of your own Nirvana.

Clean ConcentratesClean Concentrates, one of our direct affiliates, is an award-winning hash oil company based in Prescott Valley. Clean Concentrates practices the most modern methods of extraction and production to ensure the absolute highest quality products. The Nirvana Center proudly offers all Clean Concentrate products

Pucks – Cannabis ConfectionsPucks is our in-house confection company. We eventually plan to include chocolates, but for now, we have only released our watermelon gummies. These medicated gummies are unique from every other candy in the Arizona market. They are based off a master German confection recipe that has been adapted to accommodate cannabis extract. Pucks gummies are a limited ingredient, small batch-gummy company. These gummies are made completely from scratch and cast into custom molds which clearly display the appropriate mg. They are also made with halal grade gelatin making them suitable for those patients who do not consume pork products. We offer pucks in a 200mg size and only use the highest quality distillate oil in the recipe. These gummies are also made with alkaline electrolyte water and fortified with terpenes to ensure the best possible medication. We will soon release our peach bellini and tropical chili gummies, hopefully in time for Thanksgiving.

The Clinical Cannabis Industry

Cannabinoid ReferenceAs cannabis culture grows, so does its attention from the scientific community worldwide. It has opened new avenues for not only horticulture and botanical extraction techniques but many different medical practices across scientific fields. While marijuana’s use has been documented since ancient times modern techniques have only come into practice a few decades ago, making cannabis culture a very recent study. The Nirvana Center’s experts are constantly working to stay on the cutting edge of these studies.

Cannabis and Cannabinoids

Cannabis is categorized by its two main breeds, Indica and Sativa. Most strains that are used today are a hybrid of the two breeds. Sativa plants are known for their citrusy and minty aroma and tend to grow long and thin leaves. India, on the other hand, grows on a stouter plant and gives a more spice-like aroma. Modern breeding has created an extremely wide variety of combinations that hold different effects, creating the best solutions for their unique uses.

Different strains hold different cannabinoid mixtures. Cannabinoids are the chemicals
within Marijuana that give the different breeds their medicinal effects, such as Cannabinoids EffectTHC. Each strain has a wide range of compounds that cause responses throughout the body. Humans have two specific types of receptors for cannabinoids that elicit either mainly psychoactive effects or mainly anti-inflammatory effects. Different cannabinoids bind with different types of receptors, which is why different reactions are seen from the two different breeds. When only the anti-inflammatory receptors are activated no “high” is caused, making strains with CBD cannabinoid concentrations a great candidate for medicinal uses. By studying the effects of each compound researchers are defining the best uses for each strain based on how individuals react to the various chemicals.

Marijuana Breeds


Forms of extraction techniques vary just as much as cannabinoids do and lead to different types of products. Different mediums are used to pull the proper chemicals from resin, the raw material. Terpenes, a chemical foundation for cannabinoid molecules, can exist in different concentrations based on the extraction method. For example, forms of extraction that use heptane and n-butane usually have a higher terpene concentration. Many different methods are currently used, from CO2 to alcohol, and can result in THC concentrations ranging from 50-90%. Concentrations as high as 99% can be achieved through distillation of the oils that are extracted from the resin. These oils are then used to make the products that The Nirvana Center’s affiliate companies create!

There is such a large amount of factors to consider throughout the extraction and creation process that all help create different products. That’s why The Nirvana Center is constantly updating methods to ensure the best possible product. The industry is constantly evolving which allows us to make the most effective products for you.